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Achieve Your Greatness Limited

Training & Coaching

Achieve Your Greatness is an Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training School based in Essex and we train business professionals who are interested in professional and/or personal development.

As the world becomes ever more complex and challenging, sometimes as a business professional, you may find yourselves looking at others and wondering how they have managed to be so successful and wanting to know their secret, or maybe you are already doing really well and just want more!  NLP was created through modelling people who were excellent in their field, so you can learn from them and become exceptional in yours.

We train business professionals by sharing insights, strategies and techniques based on applied neuroscience and performance psychology to enable you to achieve greatness more easily within all areas of your professional and home life.

Our courses are ABNLP accredited and include taster sessions through to NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Business Practitioner levels as well as licensed and bespoke courses.

So if you are curious to find out more and want to overcome obstacles that are holding you back; to become more successful and to achieve your goals more easily, then please do contact us.