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Anke Docherty Ltd.

Career Management,Training & Coaching

Anke Docherty Ltd. provides individual coaching services to Corporate Executives that are very successful on the outside, but feel dreadful, unfulfilled and frustrated on the inside.

Having outer success is something we are trained to do, starting from growing up at home, through school and our education. However, no-one teaches us how to live life.

Living life is not difficult necessarily, but sometimes becomes a challenge when “life happens”.

Learning how to deal with challenging situations is a skill no-one teaches us.

Anke Docherty is a highly skilled trilingual Certified Coach as well as an MCIPD qualified HR professional with HR Director experience across several continents, countries and industries. She has gone through multiple life challenges herself and takes now pride in helping others to not only be successful on the outside, but also feel successful on the inside.

Anke is based in Ingatestone and works with Corporate Executives globally.