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Anne Jeffery Coach

Health & Therapy

Anne has significant NHS experience. She was an Accident and emergency  nurse specialist for 14 years and NHS manager with 4 years spent in project management  .

She has worked in the acute hospital seating and community sector as a health visitor and manager of a children’s services team . Anne has also worked as a family planning nurse. She has significant experience in working with women and families especially in the arena of perinatal mental health . Latterly Anne has been working as a quality improvement trainer and coach.

In addition  Anne has a background as an Active birth teacher, yoga for pregnancy teacher , breastfeeding educator and teaches The Wise Hippo blueprint for birth and early parenting programme.

Anne coaches 1:1 in person  or via Skype/Zoom. She also coaches small groups  and provides VIP days .

Anne’s extensive NHS experience means there is very little she has not seen or heard and which can knock her off kilter .